The Starkey Arms, Manchester Road

January 14, 2013

Bogus0165Starkey ArmsRating: 4/5

Premium lager/ price: Diamond Lager £2.55

The Starkey Arms. This is a proper boozer. Two rooms – one a massive tap room. Good beer at good prices and a surprisingly nice beer garden area.

Joey Holts pubs are that little bit more upmarket at times than Sam Smiths ones, in my view.

The prices are a little more expensive, but they have TVs on and sport and, in this case, a belting jukebox.

It’s dark and pokey and very peaceful, and that’s how I like it. It may not suit everyone, but it suits me. It’s a pub that’s still a pub, but no ciggies.

Bear in mind I go into pubs at different times than others, so this may all change in the evenings!

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