The Newmarket Hotel, Hind Hill Street

January 22, 2013

The NewmarketRating: 2.5/ 5

Premium lager/ cost: None (bog standard stuff)

I get the feeling The Newmarket Hotel might once have been a belting pub. It’s got a huge room next to the smaller bar area, and when Heywood was a thriving little town full of industry, I bet it was a cracker.

Now, like so many others in Heywood, it’s the haunt of people with so little to do. I know, I have been, and at times still am, one.

It’s not that it’s unpleasant, just characterless. The beer’s cheap, as you may expect, and as you may expect, it attracts a certain clientele. Not ruffians, just grey people, in general.

It’s out of the way and with Hind Hill Street no longer populated by old, traditional Heywoodites but more young people, it can’t attract a new client base.

It’s drab, man.

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