The Kings, Market Place

January 22, 2013

The KingsRating: 2/5

Premium Lager/ cost: Kronenberg £2.60

There’s a stench of desperation in the air in The Kings, Market Place,  at 3.30pm on a Thursday. Don’t get me wrong, I’m in there so I can’t be much better but at least I have an excuse.

Old men hugging each other as they leave, grey coats, the racing on, poor music, tracky bottoms. Full of people who can’t find work or won’t find work.

The pub itself may once have been nice – I certainly preferred the Freemasons back in the day – but the décor has been treated badly by the clientele.

I shan’t be going back in there. There are better boozers in Heywood offering better drinks in a better environment. I felt sorry for some of the customers, and that can’t be right!

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