The Bay Horse, Torrington Street

January 14, 2013

The Bay HorseThe Bay HorseRating: 3.5/ 5 (a full point taken off because it’s a Manchester United pub)

Premium lager/ cost: Stella £3.25

The Bay Horse, Torrington Street, really is a superior pub by any standards.

Decided to drop by as I’d forgotten the lager and cost; I’d also forgotten how nice it was.

If the main room looks like a front room that is for once not a bad thing as it is like a front room of a showhouse. Immaculate, well-lit and with decent stuff on the TV. Oh, and quality, cheesy 80s tunes on the speakers.

It’s a working class pub still, but its clientele don’t mind paying a bit more for a beer and therefore avoid the riff-raff.

A nice beer garden, an aviary, gents in good condition. The only MAJOR downside is that it’s a Man Utd pub. That’s game days ruled out for me then!

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