Piano Player Holds Court @ Russell’s

January 13, 2013

Russell'sWhat a surprise! A reason to come to Rochdale!

I missed the bus and needed something to do. I walked into the door for the management at The Wheatsheaf before I remembered the place. It was good in the day.

Anyway, I knew it would have lots of closed stores but what Ididn’t expect was Russell’s Cafe. It was a little oasis. Full of punters (too many for just passing trade) with great service and an old-fashioned but appealing decor.

I had a cappucino and took my earphones out because I saw a young lad playing piano. Not fair not to listen.

And the lad was class. He clearly saw the place for what it was and had decided to practice and play tunes he liked. His version of Life On Mars was absolutely fantastic – his tempo was just right.

So a big up to the piano player! Worth it.


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