Hoyas, Rochdale Road East

January 17, 2013

HoyasRating: 4.5/5

Superb Chinese from Hoyas on Rochdale Road East!

I don’t spend a lot on takeaways, but as I’d had a few and been away for a few days it was a treat. And boy, was it.

I settled down to a pint of lager while awaiting hot and sour soup (always on my list) and David, the manager’s recommendation of char siu pork in black bean sauce “if I wanted something spicy”.

Absolutely delicious. Fresh tasting and cooked perfectly. It’s not cheap as it is primarily a restaurant and you pay restaurant prices. And they don’t deliver. And parking is tough.

But the food and the service are first class and it is a stand-out Chinese restaurant that Heywood is lucky to have.

With six pubs within strolling distance and other restaurants too, Hoyas is a great place to start or end an evening.

Click here for the menu.


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