Hooley Bridge Celtic Seconds Bounce Back, Stylishly

January 14, 2013
Hooley Bridge Celtic

John Ogden last week

Hooley Bridge Celtic seconds bounced back to form with a 4-2 defeat of Trafford United at the Heywood Leisure Centre on Saturday.

They were well beaten last week by Manchester Valiant, but were better for the extra focus and were too good for their opponents.

Billy Hilton

Billy Hilton: Played everywhere

Goals came from regular keeper John Ogden, presumably shoved up for a bit of bulk, John Harding and Mick and Paul Burke.

It was a performance summed up in one word by stalwart Billy Hilton.


Ogden was forced into emergency service as a striker as Ste Keogh strained a muscle warming up and therefore had  to don the keeper’s jersey.

Ogden proved a solid replacement and his goal was reward for a determined performance.

With Billy Hilton giving his usual 8/10 performance at left-back there was nowhere to go at times for Trafford.

The new central defensive pairing of Ben Tanner and Tom Feighan was key to thwarting the visitors.

Hilton continued:  “ I have played every position this season and have played in all the teams, proving my worth as Mr Dependable.”

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