Black Swan, Middleton Road

January 14, 2013

Black SwanBlack SwanRating: 2.5/5

Premium Lager: None (bottles and normal lager)

The Black Swan on Middleton Road is a comfortable enough pub if you like that sort of thing, but it’s a little too open for me.

It’s a pretty cheap pub for an area like Hopwood, and this attracts the sort of people you would expect. Not to say that’s bad, but upmarket it isn’t.

This pub used to be a real ale mecca when it was a Thwaites pub, but now it sells bog-standard brands that are ok, but for me no reason to go out of my way to go in.

The Black Swan will suit certain people and that’s great. It’s warm enough and pleasant enough.

But it’s not really the sort of place you’ll pop in to sample the ambience or a particular ale you may like.

It’s ok.

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